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Your Mission. My Honor.

Many artists, organizations, and creative entrepreneurs lack the resources they need to fully realize their mission. Others have resources, but need reliable expertise. 

I'm a trusted expert who delivers meaningful impact and measurable results in record time whether you have $100 or $1 million.  ​I help achieve your goals with the resources you have and increase your ability to secure more for the future.

your partner and steward, you can expect the following outcomes from working with me:

Greater awareness of your mission

More engagement in your programs 

Expanded impact in your community

Increased support for your project or organization

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Meet Jenifer Simon, Founder and Principal

I'm a seasoned arts administrator with 20 + years of experience, a respected consultant in the private and public sectors, a master training and development specialist with three certifications, an unparalleled creative career coach, and an artist myself. 


I founded Honors in Art out of a dogged pursuit to inspire and support meaningful impact in and through the arts with these core values:

Best practice expertise

Creative vision 

Roll-up-your-sleeves resourcefulness

Relentless enthusiasm


Servant leadership

I earned a Masters in Arts Administration from Columbia University Teachers College and a Bachelors in Studio Art from Skidmore College with Honors in Art. I've studied at Cornell, Yale, and New York University.

Let's get started with solutions that work.

Working me is transformational by design.  I focus on both the process and product to create the change you are seeking. To that end, my services are holistic and customized, not fixed or siloed.
The strategies I employ often overlap and adapt to address changing circumstances and seize new opportunities.  What remains fixed is my laser focus on your needs while encouraging and enabling you to maintain your individual voice. 

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With so much going on in the world, it's critical to have a CREATIVE and tireless partner like Jenifer. She has the unique ability to help uncover a powerful vision and then galvanize the energy needed to move toward it.

Abstract Shapes

Note: This list is not exhaustive.   If your identifier is not listed here, you are not excluded. There is no one term that embodies the variety of disciplines in which one can be creative or describes the person creating it.


Folks involved in the creative process self-identify, preferring to call themselves and their professional title(s) or field-affiliation(s) what makes sense to them and to which community they feel a part of.

Their "title" can change based on a hybrid career, multiple talents, and opportunity-driven gigs or side projects. 


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Let's work together.

No matter how you categorize your art form or file your taxes, if your endeavor is creative, arts-forward and mission driven, I'm interested.


I embrace an expansive, equitable, and inclusive approach to the arts. I work with motivated:

  • artists, creatives, and makers

  • students and professionals

  • non-profit organizations and institutions

  • businesses, agencies, and associations 

  • schools, colleges, and universities

  • community centers and arts-adjacents


Past Clients and Collaborators