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Strengthen your impact in and through the arts

Thriving in the arts has never been more challenging...and never more important.

Community needs are overwhelming.

Our programs need to be more engaging.

OMG...Our staff is burned out!

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Funding is limited and so competitive : (

We need to maximize our resources.

Wait...are you hiring?

Let's work together!

No matter how you categorize your art form or file your taxes, if your endeavor is arts forward and mission driven, I'm interested. I work with:

  • artists, creatives, and professionals

  • non-profit organizations and institutions

  • businesses, agencies, and associations 

  • schools, colleges, and universities

  • community centers and arts-adjacents

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Jenifer Simon Honors in Art

"Art always in all ways"

Jenifer Simon, Founder + Principal

I'm a trusted arts administration expert with 20 years of experience, a master training and development specialist with three certifications, an unparalleled creative career coach and an artist myself.  

I'll help you achieve your goals with limited resources in record time with creative vision, best-practice expertise and relentless enthusiasm.


"Jenifer has the unique ability to help uncover a powerful vision and then galvanize the energy needed to move toward it."

Ennis Carter, Founding Director

Social Impact Studios

"Every arts organization whom Jenifer works with is always better off for it: financially, systemically, and creatively." 

Robin Irwin, Executive Director

The Appalachian Center for the Arts