Mission and Values

Thriving in the arts despite the challenges of today and tomorrow is more important now than ever.  

I founded Honors in Art to strengthen meaningful individual and collective impact in and through the arts guided by these core values and practices.


Creative Design


Colorful Book Spines
Create a powerful vision, then galvanize the energy needed to move it forward into reality.

Profound changes have impacted how artists and creative organizations can work more entrepreneurially. Growth of the creative economy, technological developments, global connectivity, and online marketplaces are creating new opportunities to harness the power of digital platforms, social media, and social justice to build brands and reach audiences, that can benefit from your products or services.
Pull from multiple strategies and proven methodologies from within and outside of the arts.

Whether you're launching a business or side-hustle, leading a department or organization, I use everything in my capacity to develop your aspirations, achieve your goals, and provide greater opportunities for success in your endeavor.


Image by Thomas Renaud
I motivate those I serve by building their confidence, know-how, and advocating for the arts and artists in our society. 

I have a large professional network. Every opportunity I have is a chance to further someone's mission with whom I'm working. I make myself fully available as an expert, resource, and guide customized to you and your needs. My success is based on the impact I have in getting you closer to your goals, period.
3D Geometric Shapes
Invest in the success of others and the communities to which they belong, seeking ways to unlock their potential, creativity, and sense of purpose.

Uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and accountability as a steward of the creative process and social justice. 

"What matters is that you want to see and make and do, on as grand a scale as you want... What matters is saying yes."

- Dave Eggers


Work efficiently and productively with ingenuity and diligence given available resources and those I will discover.

Resources don't dictate what is possible. While having a lot can certainly help, doing more with less with the right partners is priceless.