In an ever-changing cultural and digital landscape, how do you break through the clutter?

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There is no one tactic that by itself, will consistently and reliably attract audiences to your shows, engage participants in your programs, drive traffic to your site, or direct dollars to your fundraising campaign. 


Our integrated marketing and outreach strategies are carefully crafted based on your desired outcomes, past efforts, current trends, and data. As we implement your plan, we remain agile, adapting strategies as needed in real time to produce the best possible outcomes.

  • Developing and improving your brand

  • Assessing and increasing your online presence

  • Securing mutually beneficial partnerships 

  • Fundraising - earned income, online, grant research + writing

  • Increasing engagement of existing audiences

  • Lead generation

  • Developing and retaining new audiences 

  • Identifying and implementing outreach strategies 

With so much going on in the world, it's critical to have a CREATIVE and tireless partner like Jenifer. In all of the work that we've done together, I've been most impressed with her ability to think about "how" not "if" in moving strategy into reality. She has the unique ability to help uncover a powerful vision and then galvanize the energy needed to move toward it. If you want to be inspired to achieve what might seems impossible, Jenifer should be on your team.

Ennis Carter, Founding Director

Social Impact Studios

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Jenifer is tenacious, inquisitive, and hardworking.  Social justice is not just a concept for her, but rather it is a principle deeply ingrained in her work and life. She is passionate about what she believes with an unfaltering commitment to the arts and arts instruction.  Jenifer is always full of high energy and never stops fighting for the underdog!  

Grace Cho, Founder + CEO


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