Programs and education are the heart and soul of your organization; they must beat strong to keep your mission alive.  


With over 20 years of experience, I have developed, delivered and evaluated a lot of programs for every demographic to achieve a variety of goals. 


Whether designed for arts education, arts integration, professional development, recreation, community building or social change, a broad range of expertise is required to conduct programs of high quality and effectiveness. Partnering with an experienced professional will help insure you obtain the engagement and resources you need to achieve meaningful impact.


Organizations hire me to help identify potential needs and opportunities  that can be addressed with the creation of a new program or the assessment and improvement of an existing one.

  • Needs assessments and training analyses

  • Increasing program engagement and participation

  • Multi-media documentation and evaluation

  • Developing and improving content, curriculum and resources

  • Delivering virtual and onsite learning

  • Providing arts-infused professional development

  • Train-the-trainer programs

  • Teaching artist training and evaluation

  • Artist-in-education residency programs

  • Grant research and writing

  • Staff and employee training


Leading the Way

If you're looking for a senior position or need the right skills to effectively manage a team, awareness of your own leadership style is key.  Learn more about your strengths and areas of improvement to better apply the tools that will make you successful: assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching. 

Collaboration + Teamwork

As the demands and diversity of today's workplace increase in very direction, it's more important than ever to learn the interpersonal, problem solving, and  communication skills needed for a group to work together towards a common goal.

Training Facilitation Skills

Reading from a PowerPoint or talking from prepared notes are not effective ways for adult learning to take place. Unless you understand the difference between presenting and facilitating your audience will be lost and you won't feel as confident as you should.  Learn the techniques and methods to facilitate learning that are engaging, interactive, and intentional.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Whether you're the Executive Director, CEO, an account executive or sales agent, delivering exceptional customer service is everyone's job. Learn how to set expectations with customers, empathize, check for understanding, provide solutions and address complaints effectively to not just attract customers, but to retain them. 

Discovering Individual Styles of Communication 

DiSC® is a widely used personal assessment tool to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. Understand your communication style and how to better communicate with others while having fun. You will see results in greater collaboration and interactions.

Conflict Management

When work-related or interpersonal conflict occurs, everyone can be affected and work can suffer. Empower    employees with the tools and skills they need to manage disagreements and differences on their own before escalating the issue.

Strategic Arts Ed Planning

A school's strategic arts education plan lays the formal, purposeful groundwork to create an environment and structure where the arts are valued and supported. Learn how to create teacher and administration buy-in, build a budget, set goals and objectives, measure outcomes and allocate resources so the arts can thrive.

Consultative Sales

If you find selling you or your company's/organization's product or service daunting, you're not alone. Whether you're an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, you can acquire the  skills needed to sell. Learn the techniques of consultative sales to uncover and address customer needs, articulate product and service benefits, applications and features, and alleviate objections to close the sale. 

Designing and Presenting for Zoom Calls

Communicating and teaching others remotely requires careful preparation to insure you are effectively conveying information that is received and understood by your audience. Learn how to use interactive tools, design methods and facilitation techniques to maximize your next meeting or webinar. 

Meeting Facilitation Skills

No one likes to attend an unproductive meeting. In fact, they dread it. Learn the key steps to plan and prepare effectively to help manage expectations, stay focussed, and leave with action items and accountability that everyone understands. 

Powerful Presentations

Your ability to make effective presentations adds value to an organization and creates opportunities for your career. When you present to others, whether they are clients, colleagues, employees or senior leadership, you need to capture your audience, convey clear information, and answer the very important question, "What's in this for the listener?" In this training, gain the skills and techniques you need to be successful. 


Jenifer has a very unique way of becoming the bridge between artists, administrators, stakeholders and communities to bring creative visions to life. When you work with Jenifer, you get a dedicated, arts forward, professional who will most often be the smartest person in the room, but will never know it. You get to work with a motivated leader who knows how to listen to all of the voices and bring them all together in a beautiful chorus of song that everyone will enjoy being a part of. Every organization that has had the benefit of working with her is now richer, more diverse, and more on target for meeting its educational and artistic goals, as well as having been exposed to a treasure trove of artists of only the highest quality.

Marck "Flaco" Best, Founder

Flaco's Dance Factory

Latin Dancer, Master Teaching Artist

We were looking for the blend of a sharp thinker and presenter, who also understands the arts world and artists, and who could deliver information in a digestible, manageable and non-intimidating manner.  Not only was Jenifer able to offer thoughtful, informational presentations online, but her follow up one-on-ones with individual artists were very well received. Her project management skills - in addition to her mentoring - were essential in this regard, helping artists (and their partner agencies) stay on task and on schedule with their proposals.  Having Jenifer's skill and capacity to "intuit" what was needed and move forward independently was essential.  

Elizabeth Stookey Sunde, Founder and Executive Director

Music to Life

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