Personal Connection to the Arts

Creating art is brave; facilitating the arts is an honor.

I understand the joys and challenges of being an artist and administrator.  Both require an immeasurable commitment to ethics and a profound respect for every part of the creative process.

My ambition to be a visual artist was cemented at the age of five.  Two decades later, when I realized I couldn't make art and make a living, I found my purpose facilitating the arts. It's my honor to help artists, organizations, and communities bring their art to life.


Experience Highlights

My experience spans the non-profit and private sectors. My leadership roles in the arts include serving as Director of Business and Content Development at Artrepreneur, editor of the Art Business Journal, Director of Programs and Outreach at CERF+ and Director of New Jersey Programs, Partnerships and the Artist/Teacher Institute at Arts Horizons. In these roles, I directed artist residencies, created arts-in-education initiatives, managed in-school and out-of-school K-12 programs, and implemented professional development for artists, teachers, and administrators. I created new sources of income including earned and contributed. 

As Training and Careers Associate at Thomas & Associates, I created the industry's first boutique career services for arts professionals. I served as Project Coordinator at Columbia University's Research Center for Arts and Culture conducting the first study on the needs and circumstances on aging visual artists in New York City.

As the Northern California Training Specialist at Insperity, I helped over 150+ companies and small businesses including Netflix, Krispy Kreme and Cisco Systems Capital improve their organizational and employee performance. I was a Senior Training and Development Specialist at RCN in Chicago during the dot-com boom spearheading new hire training in San Francisco area markets to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. 

Education and Certifications

Volunteer Service

Press and Publications

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