Creating art is an act of bravery; facilitating the arts is an act of stewardship. As an artist and arts administrator, I understand the joys and challenges that both experiences produce.


My goal was to be a visual artist.  When I realized I couldn't make art and make a living, I found my purpose and place in arts administration. I help artists, organizations and communities develop to their fullest potential and experience meaningful impact in and through the arts. 

Jenifer Simon Honors in Art Portrait.jpg

My leadership roles in the arts include serving as Director of Business and Content Development at Artrepreneur, Director of Programs and Outreach at CERF+ and Director of New Jersey Programs, Partnerships and the Artist/Teacher Institute at Arts Horizons. I was the first Training and Careers Associate at Thomas & Associates  and served as Project Coordinator at Columbia University's Research Center for Arts and Culture conducting the first study of aging visual artists in New York City.

As the Northern California Training Specialist at Insperity, I helped companies and small businesses including Netflix, Krispy Kreme and Cisco Systems Capital improve their organizational and employee performance. I was a Senior Training and Development Specialist at RCN in Chicago during the dot-com boom spearheaded new hire training in San Francisco area markets. 


"With so much going on in the world, it's critical to have a CREATIVE and tireless partner like Jenifer. If you want to be inspired to achieve what might seem impossible,  Jenifer should be on your team."

Ennis Carter, Founding Director

Social Impact Studios