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  • What services do you provide?
    I can help you, your organization or company fulfill your mission through strategic and operational planning, effective marketing and outreach, impactful education and programming. If you're an individual creative, artist, or professional, I can help you find or further your career through coaching sessions, resume/cover letter review/creation, job search techniques and networking building.
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with mission-driven, arts and culture-based non-profits, for-profits and social enterprises including: - organizations - institutions - communities - government agencies - businesses I work with individuals engaged in the arts (performing, visual, digital, literary, multi-media, mixed-media, etc.) whether you're an artist/creator/creative/maker and/or administrative arts professional. If you're just looking for a job in and through the arts, let's talk!
  • What results can you help achieve?
    Measurable results and impact are based on your unique goals, cooperation, and budget. They can be very specific, but frequently fall into the following categories: 1. Increased awareness of your organization, mission, programs, etc. 2. Increased virtual or in-real-life engagement with current or new audiences/constituents. 3. Increased impact of your services/programs/outreach such as increased participation, program satisfaction, financial support, and transformation in and through the arts.
  • Why should I work with you?
    I'm known for creating innovative programs and partnerships, bringing back-burner projects to fruition ("We've always wanted to do that!"), and producing the best possible- measurable - results with limited resources. I'm proactive and work with a sense of urgency and efficiency. Clients have told me that I do the work of two people. I'm fueled by a fervent desire for actions to speak louder than words. That's why I'm driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of experience. Read what others have said about me and my work here.
  • How much do you charge?
    When we collaborate, I do my utmost to meet and exceed your expectations of value and satisfaction. Working productively together, we will utilize my knowledge, expertise, and experience to produce positive and cost-effective results. My hourly rate begins at $75. Depending upon circumstances, a sliding scale may be offered. If you have a set budget for a project or consulting services, I will be happy to discuss what we can expect to achieve within the constraints of your budget.
  • How do I hire you?
    We will first discuss your goals, expected outcomes, budget, and your timeline. I will then draft a proposal, including the scope of my work and the estimated costs. Once we agree upon the terms and conditions, we will execute a contract and I will begin working on your behalf. Let's get started!
  • I don't see what I'm looking for.
    I'm sorry! Contact me through this form or directly at Thank you!



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