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Become certain of your values,
confident in your skills,
and steadfast in your vision.

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Gain the knowledge and tools
you need for your creative career.

Employment in the arts can seem quirky and hard to navigate. Figuring out how and where you fit into the arts ecosystem takes years of learning by doing. 


Whether you're just entering the field, transitioning from one job or industry to another, or seeking to lead a department or organization, it's time to shorten your learning curve! 

This can be done. Read my story.

My trusted expertise in creative career coaching produces real results.

I've helped many people: 

  • Articulate your skills and unique value proposition

  • Properly brand yourself with authenticity

  • Conduct a job search 

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Seize opportunities and create them yourself

  • Develop confidence and entrepreneurial skills

  • Get a job

  • Get a better job!

  • Thrive in your career


  • Envisioning your career in the arts

  • Transitioning to a creative/arts related job or career

  • Branding and messaging

  • Results-driven resumes and effective cover letters

  • Finding a job in the arts (non-profit and profit)

  • Succeeding at behavioral interviewing

  • Building a robust network

  • Customized career coaching

  • Employee performance consulting

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"Jenifer was very helpful in terms of
self-evaluation as well as practical advice, specific knowledge, and effective, concise coaching."

"Jenifer helped me with things that no one talked about at school. We didn’t have any classes or information on job searching and this workshop really caught me up!"

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