"Jenifer has that rare trifecta of vision, synthesis, and implementation. She quickly sees goals and programmatic destinations creatively pulls from multiple strategies and methodologies from within and outside of the arts to get there and inspires others to join her. Jenifer gets things done and makes the work a pleasure along the way."

Carrie Cleveland, Manager of Education + Outreach, CERF+

"With so much going on in the world, it's critical to have a CREATIVE and tireless partner like Jenifer.  I've been most impressed with her ability to think about "how" not "if" in moving strategy into reality. She has the unique ability to help uncover a powerful vision and then galvanize the energy needed to move toward it. If you want to be inspired to achieve what might seems impossible, Jenifer should be on your team."

Ennis Carter, Founding Director, Social Impact Studios

"Jenifer is a tireless advocate for arts organizations and a remarkable source of knowledge and experience. She uses that insight to choose where to focus fundraising energies and—bottom line—she closes the deal.  I give Jenifer the highest praise I could give someone in her position.  Every arts organization whom she works with is always better off for it: financially, systemically, and creatively."

Robin Irwin, Executive Director, The Appalachian Center for the Arts

"Jenifer has given excellent advice regarding branding, marketing strategy, and donor relationship development. It is reassuring to be working with someone who has so much experience and is so passionate about helping artists to promote themselves, hone their vision, and reach their goals. 

Michelle Rofrano, Artistic Director, Protestra

"Resourceful and creative, Jenifer is dogged in her pursuit of excellence for her clients and herself. An astute listener, she uses questions to focus us on our tasks in keeping with our overall mission. Relentless in her research and preparations with a keen eye for detail and nuances, she elevates the conversation and respectfully challenges us to find workable solutions to quandaries we could not initially see ourselves. She maintains calm and composure in the face of tight deadlines and remains clear and honest in her communications from the start to finish of a project." 

Robert Bernheim, Assistant Professor of History

University of Maine at Augusta

"Jenifer is tenacious, inquisitive, and hardworking.  Social justice is not just a concept for her, but rather it is a principle deeply ingrained in her work and life. She is passionate about what she believes with an unfaltering commitment to the arts and arts instruction.  

Grace Cho, Founder + CEO, Artrepreneur

"Every organization that has had the benefit of working with her is now richer, more diverse, and more on target for meeting its educational and artistic goals, as well as having been exposed to a treasure trove of artists of only the highest quality."

Marck "Flaco" Best, Master Latin Dance Teaching Artist

"Jenifer shows a remarkable mastery when managing artists and their art-making. Her attention to detail, a deep respect for the process, immeasurable commitment to ethics and a profound skill for every part of the creative process makes her an ideal collaborator. Service-oriented, she evokes trust, compassion, and joy." 

Angela Kariotis, Writer, Performer, Teaching Artist
Instructor, Seton Hall University

"Jenifer combines the knowledge and experience that are essential for advancing the work of artists, educators, and arts organizations. She brings terrific energy and skill to all her projects, and quickly wins the confidence of her clients and colleagues. It is also a pleasure to work with Jenifer—her creativity and sense of humor make work feel like play."

Rick Pressler, Director, RPA Associates
Founder, Greater Brunswick Charter School

"Jenifer seamlessly stepped in to coach and guide several artists in their project and proposal development, helping them to track down funding sources and create grant-worthy proposals.  Her project management skills - in addition to her mentoring - were essential helping artists (and their partner agencies) stay on task and on schedule. Having Jenifer's skill and capacity to "intuit" what was needed and move forward independently was essential.  

Elizabeth Stookey Sunde, Founder and Executive Director
Music to Life

"I cannot say enough about Jenifer's intellect, enthusiasm, and commitment to helping artists. She has been an incomparable source of career insight and guidance for me. As I made the transition from being a performing artist to an administrative career, Jenifer's perspective enabled me to see my transferable skills, and to effectively communicate them throughout the hiring process. She is gifted at analyzing situations and providing solutions that can be efficiently implemented. I owe a significant portion of my professional success to the guidance I have received from Jenifer over the years."

Susan Fulks, Former Associate Dean of Students
Florida Atlantic University, Professional Dancer

"I cannot express how helpful Jenifer has been. Her advice has by far been the most useful from all that I have received. She truly cares about my success. As a result, she is always organized and insightful when helping me. Jenifer is the type of mentor who wants to 'teach me to fish' instead of 'giving me a fish'. I thank her for believing in me."

Amanda Pascali, Activist Musician

"Jenifer is as kind, warm, and supportive as she is gifted. Her attention to detail, her creativity, and her ability to problem-solve are unmatched. She worked with me to re-approach social media from a holistic perspective that put the brand and the message first. Then with clarity around exactly what I wanted to say, we implemented specific, step-by-step strategies to achieve my goals.  She taught me to put on my business jacket and take off my musician's leather jacket! Jenifer is someone who cares deeply about her client's success and makes you feel like she's right by your side every step of the way."

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian
Singer/Songwriter, Activist Musician, Educator

"Jenifer is top-notch! She’s a true professional and has a tremendous background and record of success in bringing learning alive, for both educators and students, by infusing the arts into the curriculum. Jenifer cultivates a collaborative and creative culture so that all involved, organizations and individuals, become invested in focused initiatives. Her exuberance is contagious and she has a heart of gold!"

James Manno, Supervisor, Fine Arts
South Orange Maplewood Schools

"Jenifer’s knowledge of how to help artists  survive and thrive in an ever-changing cultural, economic and digital landscape makes her a terrific, go-to resource for professional development programs and projects.  Her ability to engage with artists of diverse backgrounds and at all levels is impressive, as are her expert skills as a facilitator, trainer, and coach to foster new or improved business practices!"