When we collaborate, I do my utmost to meet and exceed your expectations of value and satisfaction.  Working productively together, we'll utilize my expertise to achieve the best results possible given your collaboration and resources. 

I work intensively, efficiently and with a sense of urgency without compromising my integrity.  Clients note that I do twice the work in half the time.  That's good news for you!  

When you hire me for a project, we'll first discuss your goals, expected outcomes, budget, and your timeline. I will then draft a proposal, including the scope of my work and estimated costs.  Once we agree upon the terms and conditions, we will execute a contract and I will begin working on your behalf.

If you have a set budget, I will be happy to discuss what we can expect to achieve within your available resources.

Musical Instrument Design

Working in the arts, we often lack the time and money to invest in our own professional development.  That's why I will provide as much assistance as possible given your goals and budget. Contact me to discuss what you need, how I can help, and how much it would cost. I look forward to your success!

"Every arts organization whom
Jenifer works with is always better off for it:
financially, systemically, and creatively."

Robin Irwin, Executive Director

Appalachian Center for the Arts

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