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A Price That's Right For You

When we work together, I do my utmost to meet and exceed your expectations of value and satisfaction.  I will utilize my expertise to achieve the best results possible given your goals, resources and cooperation. If you have a set budget, I will be happy to discuss what we can expect to achieve within your available resources. 

I work intensively and efficiently.  Clients note that I do twice the work in half the time.  That's good news for you!  

For Organizations

When you hire me for a project, we'll first discuss your goals, expected outcomes, budget and your timeline. I will then draft a proposal, including the scope of my work, anticipated outcomes and estimated costs.  Once we agree upon the terms and conditions, we will execute a contract and I'll begin working on your behalf.

For Individuals

Arts and creative professionals often lack the time and money to invest in their own professional development.  I strive to change that. That's why I provide as much assistance as possible given your goals,  cooperation, and budget. 


Contact me to discuss what you need, how I can help, and how much it would cost. I look forward to your success!