Drive the change you wish to see with a roadmap that defines your future goals and a process that values the journey as much as the destination.

Strategic planning is an involved process that requires thoughtful collaboration with a variety of stakeholders to be useful and effective.


The process is often time-consuming and even exhausting. As participants become fatigued, enthusiasm wanes, and the goal of the process can easily erode to "Let's just get it done because we have to do it!"


With professional direction and skilled facilitation, your strategic planning process can remain vitalized, focused, and inspiring from start to finish.   

  • Defining and Refining Mission, Vision and Values 

  • Conducting Needs Assessments

  • Conducting SWOT and Gap Analyses

  • Scenario Planning

  • Setting SMART Goals

  • Diversifying Revenue Streams

  • Allocating Resource 

  • Grant Writing

  • Performance Analysis

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Jenifer has that rare trifecta of vision, synthesis, and implementation. She quickly sees goals and programmatic destinations, creatively pulls from multiple strategies and methodologies from within and outside of the arts to get there, and inspires others to join her. Her drive is unmatched and she brings genuine enthusiasm and passion to her work. Jenifer gets things done and makes the work a pleasure along the way

Carrie Cleveland, Manager of Education + Outreach


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Jenifer combines the knowledge and experience that are essential for advancing the work of artists, educators, and arts organizations. She brings terrific energy and skill to all her projects, and quickly wins the confidence of her clients and colleagues. It is also a pleasure to work with Jenifer—her creativity and sense of humor make work feel like play.

Rick Pressler, Director, RPA Associates

Founder, Greater Brunswick Charter School

Jenifer Simon is a tireless advocate for arts organizations and a remarkable source of knowledge and experience.  She has the ability to assess her clients' resources and create an action plan to use them to their greatest effect. Jenifer also understands the financial landscape for arts organizations. She uses that insight to choose where to focus fundraising energies and—bottom line—she closes the deal. I give Jenifer the highest praise I could give someone in her position. Every arts organization whom she works with is always better off for it: financially, systemically, and creatively.

Robin Irwin, Executive Director

The Appalachian Center for the Arts

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