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How to Make Art During Quarantine

During the Coronavirus quarantine summer 2020, many Honors in Art projects were still postponed from the spring. Yet, I wanted to stay creative and stop my MSNBC obsession with getting the latest updates on politics and the virus. I knew now was the time to make art.

Here's how I got my artistic self front-and-center.

Don't Settle if You're Not Creatively Fulfilled.

I was making small embroidery patches, but I needed something more to exert my energy and get into "flow" mode. I needed A PROJECT. Something I could get my hands around and my mind focussed on.

Cooped up inside with only so much to do creatively, my mother said, "Why don't you paint our mailbox?"

It's rare that my mother lets me paint her "stuff". I quickly recognized that this was my window. I seized the opportunity. "Really, I can?"

It was just a mailbox and yes, I could have painted on paper or bought canvas, but I'm much more of a 3-D person. I like objects and creating work that I can circle around 360 degrees.

a painted mailbox