You can gain the knowledge and tools you need to find a job in the arts and sustain the creative career you deserve.  


Employment in the arts can seem quirky and hard to navigate. Figuring out how and where you fit into the arts ecosystem takes years of learning by doing. Whether you're just entering the workforce, transitioning from one job or industry to another, or seeking a leadership position, it's time to shorten your learning curve! 


As a result of my coaching and your follow-through, you will be more confident + more prepared to find—and land— a job in the arts. 

I have recognized expertise in arts career coaching that produces real results. I've helped many people acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and tools needed to:

  • Articulate your skills and unique value proposition

  • Properly brand yourself with authenticity

  • Conduct a job search 

  • Prepare for interviews

  • Seize opportunities and create them yourself

  • Develop confidence and entrepreneurial skills

  • Get a job

  • Get a better job!

  • Thrive in your career

You can become confident of your skills,
certain of your values, and steadfast in your vision.

  • Envisioning your career in the arts

  • Transitioning to a creative/arts related job or career

  • Branding and messaging

  • Results-driven resumes and effective cover letters

  • Finding a job in the arts (non-profit and profit)

  • Succeeding at behavioral interviewing

  • Building a robust network

  • Customized career coaching

  • Employee performance consulting


From Dancer to Dean

I cannot say enough about Jenifer's intellect, enthusiasm, and commitment to helping artists. She has been an incomparable source of career insight and guidance for me. As I made the transition from being a performing artist to an administrative career, Jenifer's perspective enabled me to see my transferable skills, and to effectively communicate them throughout the hiring process. She is gifted at analyzing situations and providing solutions that can be efficiently implemented.  I owe a significant portion of my professional success to the guidance I have received from Jenifer over the years.

Susan Fulks, Former Associate Dean of Students, Florida Atlantic University

Professional Dancer

Susan Fulks Portrait
Sasha Klare Ayvazian.jpg

Jenifer is as kind, warm, and supportive as she is gifted. Her attention to detail, her creativity, and her ability to problem-solve are unmatched. She worked with me to re-approach social media from a holistic perspective that put the brand and the message first. Then with clarity around exactly what I wanted to say, we implemented specific, step-by-step strategies to achieve my goals.  She taught me to put on my business jacket and take off my musician's leather jacket! Jenifer is someone who cares deeply about her client's success and makes you feel like she's right by your side every step of the way.

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

Singer/Songwriter, Activist Musician, Educator

I cannot express how helpful Jenifer has been. Her advice has by far been the most useful from all that I have received. She truly cares about my success.  As a result, she is always organized and insightful when helping me. Jenifer is the type of mentor who wants to 'teach me to fish' instead of 'giving me a fish'. I thank her for believing in me.

Amanda Pascali, Activist Musician



Singing Her Praises

This workshop helped me with things that no one talked about at school. We didn’t have any classes or information on job searching and this workshop really caught me up!

Recent Arts Graduate, New York

"How to Find a Job in the Arts"
Workshop Participant

The workshop was very helpful in terms of
self-evaluation as well as practical advice,
specific knowledge, and effective, concise coaching.

Arts Administrator, Chicago

"How to Find a Job in the Arts"
Workshop Participant

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